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Dallas Home WiringHome Wiring:
watch TV in ANY room of your house. We will run cables to the locations of your choice -- through the attic, in the walls, etc.

We run catagory 5E(CAT5E) and catagory 6(CAT6E) cables.


We also provide Home Theater wiring so that Cable TV, Satellite TV, DirecTV™, Internet, intercoms, security systems and audio can be placed anywhere in your home you want.


A home that is fully wired will allow you to:

  • Play a DVD in one room and watch it on any TV in your home.
  • Listen to your stereo from any room in your home. Place security cameras at your front door, in the back yard and in the baby's room — and monitor them from anywhere in the home. Or from anywhere in the world, via the Internet!
  • Hook multiple computers up to a single internet connection.
  • Share files on all computers in the home.
  • Share devices such as computer printers and fax machines.
  • Have all the phone lines you need.
  • Easily make adjustments to all of these options as your family's needs change.

Dallas Home Theater

Home Cable: Distribute Video, Cable TV, Computer Network and Internet Access and Sound throughout your home. Home Wiring

Residential Wiring Services: Preston Video provides full installation and support services to homeowners and homebuilders.

Home Networking
Distribute outside services and entertainment to any part of your home (such as: cable television, DSS, DVD players, telephone, DSL, Internet, etc.)

Home automation
Control and program lighting
Control and program heating / air conditioning
Integrated security system

Home Camera Security
Operate a home camera system to keep an eye on the baby, pool, front door, etc.

Operate a Local Area Network within your home. Let multiple computers access the Internet and share files.

home media wiring