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Preston TV and Video provides great pricing to Dallas customers with replacement DLP Lamps and DLP Bulbs.

We carry too many brands and parts to list, so simply call us with your needs at 214-368-5809 to get a great deal on the right DLP lamp for your TV.

All rear projection DLP TVs use lamps. The DLP lamp in a TV can last anywhere from 8 months to 3 years depending on model and use. When your television screen image gets dull, dim and faded or goes out altogether, many times it is simply the DLP lamp that needs to be replaced.

Dallas customers can bring their TV in or have us pick it up (pickup charges apply) and we will put your replacement DLP lamp in for you.

DLP Television Lamp
Samsung DLP Lamp
Sony DLP Lamp
Philips DLP Lamp
DLP projection lamp
DLP Replacement Lamp
Mitsubishi DLP Lamp
DLP lamp
DLP rear projection Lamp
Panasonic DLP Lamp
Sharp DLP Lamp
Zenith DLP Lamp
DLP projector
DLP projectors

SIGNS OF A DLP LAMP that needs to be replaced:
• You have sound but no picture.
• Looking in from the back of the TV, you see no light when the set is on.
• The picture is weak , dim, or faded.
• The TV is more than 3 years old.