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Preston Video is Dallas' top choice for installing an outdoor antenna where you live or work. We sell TV antennas and we also install them.

The right outdoor antenna, when professionally installed, can improve your television signal reception dramatically. Whether you are wanting an outdoor roof antenna installed or on a balcony or elsewhere, one of the keys to best restuls is placing it as high as possible. Often, for a home antenna installation, we like to mount the antenna to the side of the chimney.

Let Preston Video do all the work of getting up on your roof, running cable, testing signal strength and so forth. We also ensure your new outdoor antenna is clear of power lines and tree branches, while also being able to resist strong winds.

Dallas Outdoor Antenna Installation

Most outdoor antennas are aluminum, which resists rust. We can install both a flat wire television antenna and coaxial type antenna connections. For best results, we recommend coaxial antenna type lead-ins.

Next we insure as direct of a safe route from your outdoor antenna to your television (or cable or box). This minimizes interference as well as signal loss.

Our professional television antenna installation services include a strain-relief device and come complete with alignment for best reception.

Call 214-368-5809 for fast, professional antenna installation service in the greater Dallas metro area.