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Q: Why do your recommend DirecTV for satellite cable?

A: DirecTV not only has the premium service, but is reliable, available in our area, and cost-effective to install. DirecTV also has the most flexible options for which channels you can subscribe to.

Q: Should I buy a new LCD, Plasma, or a Projection System?

A: We receive this question more than any other during our years of experience in the audio/video industry. As the technology advances for Projectors, LCDs and Plasmas over the last few years this has created three alternatives.

Initially, LCDs were incapable of producing a quality image larger than 30”. However, due to significant advancements in the technology, in 2005 we now see the possibility of LCDs at the same dimensions as Plasma TVs -- in sizes up to 62”.

Plasma TVs are the front-runner in the high definition television market due to a head start by most of the manufacturers. The motion produced by the electronic charged small pockets of gas creates a superior response to the LCD which opens and closes shutters to effectively display video.

Plasma Televisions can be viewed from a distinct angle outside the normal (straight-on) viewing area. LCDs have made significant efforts to improve this characteristic and with the newer models in 2003, this has been accomplished.
However, Plasmas are usually heavier than LCDS and produce more heat due to the amount of electricity they consume.

Projection Systems in the past have been cost prohibitive to most consumers. Due to the high popularity of home theaters and the switch from projection systems primarily from corporate to residential use, projection systems are a viable alternative.

The cost of projection systems has decreased significantly for the projectors, the screens have become cheaper, and the light produced by these newcomers has allowed individual consumers to place them in locations without creating an entire darkened home theater.

To make your choice between a Plaxma, LCD or Projection system to buy from Preston Video, consider size, price, the installation location and the amount of ambient light. A big screen above a fireplace, for example, my require an installation tilting down for a pleasing viewing angle from sofa or chairs.

Projection systems are great for going huge, but the amount of other light in the room will wash out the image if it is not controlled. In other words, you do not want a window letting light shine in right where your image is displayed.

Call one of our installation experts at 214-368-5809 who can guide you through the best choice for your application, whether home, bedroom, office or living area.

Q: What is the difference between HDTV, EDTV, and SDTV?

A: HDTV is the ultimate choice in home theater and produces a digital signal which can provide full digital audio with multiple channels. This is also the most expensive option at the present time, but with the technology ultimately progressing in this direction from satellite, OTA, and digital cable, this will be a necessity for the digital enthusiast and average consumer alike.

HDTV Background: HDTV is a type of television signal, which is scheduled by government mandate to replace the current US standard, NTSC, by the year 2006.

HDTV is broadcast in the 16:9 aspect ratio as compared NTSC's 4:3 aspect ratio.

HDTV resolutions are increased from (if expressed in computer resolution terms) 640 x 480 (480p) to either 1922 x 1080 (or 1080i) or 1280 x 720 (or 720p).

The HDTV signal, unlike NTSC is digital rather than analog; therefore it can provide full digital audio with multiple channels.

EDTV is an enhancement from NTSC (analog signal) but produces at a digital scanning format. However, the outcome is 480p and a 4:3 format in most instances.

SDTV typically does produce better quality images than that of traditional analog TV and pictures somewhat akin to digital cable. However, its images are not nearly as sharp as the images from the ultimate form of digital television - High-definition TV (HDTV).

Q: Should I buy an HDTV 'compliant' or HDTV 'ready' TV?

A: An HDTV compliant TV lacks the digital tuner necessary to receive and decode the high definition signal broadcast. The only concern with buying a HDTV compliant television is due to the fact if you want to receive HDTV in the future; it requires the purchase of a digital tuner.

Q: How many channels are currently broadcast on HDTV?

A: You can find out how many are available in your area dependent on your choice of Over The Air or Satellite Receivers but there are sites available on the internet which detail the HDTV shows available in each area:

Find High Definition Programs Near You: hdtvpub.com/local/index.cfm
DirecTV offerings: www.directv.com/DTVAPP/imagine/HDTV.jsp
OTA and Satellite HDTV shows: www.hdtvgalaxy.com/broad.html
Find What's On TV and Showings: www.tv.com


Q: Which of the new Toshiba Televisions are the most popular?

A: The favorite is their splendid Plasma display. Folks not going with a plasma unit most often opt for a HD-Ready rear-projection model that comes in 42" and 61". See www.toshiba.com and then come order one from us!

Q: I spilled Coke on my remote and now it only works part of the time. What should I do?

A: You can try taking it apart and cleaning it yourself. However, by this time the internal contacts have become corroded. We can order a new one for you, but that takes 4-6 weeks to arrive. Your best bet is to pick up a a new universal remote control at our shop right away for about the same price as a replacement unit.

Q: My rear-projection TV is about 5 years old and is getting fuzzy. Can you sharpen it back up?

A: Usually yes. In most cases, realignment of the RGB projectors is all that is needed. In some cases the front plastic projection casing needs to be replaced as well.

Q: I want to hang a small TV from under the cabinets in our kitchen. Can you help?

A: Absolutely. We have several models -- both with and without a built-in VCR -- that will work great for that purpose. You can also go portable or get a portable DVD player. For cutting edge, try a Sony wireless TV.

Q: I want to mount a TV from our bedroom ceiling, to hang down where we can change the angle. What do you advise?

A: Depending on the size and weight of your TV, we have several ceiling mounts we sell and can install. You also might want to get a new Toshiba combo DVD/VCR model. We carry a 19" unit that works great for that purpose!