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Security Cameras


Security Systems:
We sell and install a wide variety of security camera systems

Whether you need cameras in a single room or throughout your entire house, Preston TV and Video is your neighborhood authorized installer.

Home / Office Security Monitor:
* 14" observation 2-channel sequencing monitor
* 2 B&W cameras with lenses & cables
* Cameras feature LED lights for night vision capability
* Perfect for indoor use, such as storefronts, reception areas, entrances/exits, baby watch, warehouse/storeroom & garage
* Includes 14" video monitor
* 2-year warranty
* Call or come in for special package: $199.95

Wireless Camera / Monitor:
* Features Infrared technology for night viewing
* 2.4 GHz wireless advanced technology
* 5" B&W screen
* Includes One camera but will support up to 4 cameras
* 3-10 sec auto switching time
* Switching time control
* Requires 12V DC adapter
* A/V output RCA jack for recording
* Call or come in for special package: $129.95

Home Security Camera System

B&W Security Monitor with Camera:
* 2-channel A/V input, single channel
* VCR connection for recording
* includes 1 camera but supports up to 2 cameras ($49.95 for additional camera)
* 2 viewing options: View in sequential switching format or select 1 camera to view
* Built-in mic; camera with IR sensor for night vision
* Weatherproof
* 2- to 20-sec auto switching timer
* Call or come in for special package: $92.00