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Located in the
Preston Forest Shopping Center
11700 Preston Rd.
Suite 632
Dallas, TX 75230

Located at Preston Rd.
and Forest Ln.

Call 214-368-5809

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5pm



Need your new Television installed? We are just a phone call away.

We install: Big Screens, LCD Projectors and Screens, Plasma Displays, Wall Mounts, Ceiling Mounts, and more.

Multimedia Integration: We can connect all the gadgets -- TiVo, DVD, VCR, Recorders, Digital Cable, and Audio Systems. Let us make it all work without any hassles. We will even explain step-by-step how to operate your setup in the simplest way.

We also install:

• Home Theater systems
• Home Security systems
• TV Antennas
• Rooftop Satellite Dish
DirecTV Digital Cable

Call us at 214-368-5809 for TV installation service.


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