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          Theater                            Remotes
Preston TV & Video can reprogram your existing home theater remote to work with any new equipment or provide you with a brand new remote.

Say hello to one of the most popular URC remotes of all time! The MX-350 offers single button Macro automation that makes several devices work together with one simple button press. Imagine turning on your TV, cable box, setting the correct inputs and the surround sound simultaneously! When used in conjunction with one of our wireless (RF) base stations, you have complete control through walls, floors and doors, indoors or outdoors. What this means to you is that you can hide all of your components inside a cabinet. No more pointing the remote at the TV. You can even adjust your receiver volume from outside. The balanced ergonomics facilitate intuitive, one-handed operation of device controls. Use the optimized button layout to quickly navigate on-screen menus, channel and volume controls. Discrete button for favorites allows direct access to up to 40 favorite channels. The MX-350 is an economical solution for simple home automation.    

The MX-880 gives you a gorgeous color interface that goes beyond remote replacement. The graphic capabilities of the MX-880 allow your installer to customize your remote with one of several colorful themes. Accessing a favorite channel is accomplished by selecting an easily identifiable station logo of your favorite television network, for example. You have not experienced channel surfing until you have used an MX-880.

The MX-900 is a favorite model for reliabilty, durabilty and ease of operation. This remote offers one button operation to quickly switch between all of your connected audio and video devices. Control up to 40 devices with 40 pages of buttons for each device. Both RF and IR operations. IR routing and RF addressing with the optional MRF series of RF base stations.
We can reprogram your existing URC brand remote as well as Logitech, Harmony, Pronto and numerous other brands.

Call 214-368-5809 today to schedule your appointment and start enjoying all the features your video equipment offers